Yesterday, I was leaving the house and there was an Amazon package on my stoop. I totally couldn't remember ordering anything from Amazon, but...that actually means nothing in my world. I think sometimes I sleep order. Anyway...package! Means Presents! For Me! And indeed, I had 3, yes, 3 new books to read. From my cousins for my Birthday.

My Birthday?

It's in October.

So they were practice pressies!


A pink notice from the post office...A package!
Again. From my cousins.
For my Birthday.
In October.

Another book, and a candle, 2 of my very favorite things! But best of all? A super cute card that had pics of the kids, and bookmarks made out of these same pics! They were the most awesome thing!

Well, that and knowing that I have family that loves me.


  1. Hey this is incredibly fun and random. How wonderful for you. It is nice to be loved.

  2. I think multiple birthdays are very very cool..........you lucky thing you.