What's goin' on.

It's spring here in SoCal... (Although this pic is from last year, my thistles are blooming!)

Hmmm....let's see...

Miss Adeline is HOME!!!! (See sweet little monkey below)

I've had puking dogs this week...they're not sick..just puking due to foreign stuff not meant to be eaten.

Boot Camp remains TOUGH!


I'm no longer shopping at the Fat Girls stores, bought some super cute clothes at the Gap, and am almost down another size. XL is becoming a bit big on me! Yay!

So, I guess Boot Camp is doing it's job.

I watched "Rachel Getting Married". GREAT movie.

I've been reading A TON of books. Some Thoughtful (An Unquiet Mind~Kay Redfield Jamison) Some Funny (helping me help myself~ beth lisick) and some disappointing (One Nation Under Dog~Michael Schaffer).

I created an "Angry Running Songs" playlist on my iPod. It includes Nirvana, Metallica, and Hole amongst others. It pumps me up and I run hard!

I ripped out carpet in my living room. Now I must tile.

I made some fantastic Pernil. (Puerto Rican Carnitas) and plantains. I also made an unbelievable delish Shepard's pie. I got the meat from a butcher I found closeby. They have great meat and do custom cuts...all at super decent prices. yay!

I recovered from hanging with the 20 somethings. OY.

Life is good, if not a bit confusing. More on the confusing later.


  1. Sounds like all is good in your world - and I'm glad to hear Adeline is home.....

    And I would write more but I'm sleepy and I really just came over here to tell you thanks for putting your link on the Multiply page so I didn't have to look it up

  2. :) I miss you!! I'm so glad to be home and on the track to normalcy. Not quite normal yet mind you (here in CT!! *wink*) but getting there... and soon able to keep up with you - and the rest of life! *smooch*

  3. I've always rather lurved the idea of a local butcher... one of the perks of living in a more urban area, I guess?

    Sounds like you've been busy, but happy! And hey... ditch all those XLs, baby. :oD *pom pom shaaake*