I am an addict.

Not to anything dangerous mind you.
Not Coke, or Horse, or even Mary Jane.
Not Cigarettes, Alcohol, or Sex.
Not even Rock 'n' Roll.

I am addicted too...


I love books.
Always have.

They were my only friends during a lonely and isolated childhood.
They are my constant companion during adulthood.

I will read anything for pleasure.
The back of a cereal box.
Cookbooks (seriously, I read them even if I don't intend on cooking anything from them).
A paint can.
I read blogs, magazines, dvd boxes, cd inserts.

But my addiction?

Definitely Books.

I share my addiction with my friends.

Good chick lit? Goes to Sandy.
Murder Mystery/Psychological Thriller-Linda
Non-fiction of the learning type-McSteamy
Non-fiction intense Memoirs?-Girly (of course, she gets anything I think she might like. She too is a reader)
Books she comments on but hasn't read?-JinJa.
Animal Books-no death?-Kippy

I READ all of them.
And here in is my problem.

I haunt Barnes and Noble.
At least twice a week.
I pick up books I might like to read.
I browse constantly.
Which has ended with me having no less than 56 unread books in my bookcase. On 2 shelves. I stopped there. I just couldn't keep counting. Oh! The shame!
I have no less then 10 of various types next to my bed.
Oddly there are currently none here at my desk.
There are 5 downstairs.
(I'm perusing my desk again...just to make sure I'm not lying. Nope. really. no books here)
(I should mention the 2 boxes of paperbacks I never unpacked. Hidden underneath stuff in the current office. I KNOW there's unread stuff in there.)


My new project for this summer? (along with finishing my office and writing my thesis)

Read these books.

Give more away.

TRY, TRY, TRY, to limit my purchases.
(I say try to limit. TRY. I don't think I can go cold turkey)

Learn to use the LIBRARY!
Got myself a card and everything!

Keep up with me and this project on my new box "Things I'm Reading" ------->

Help me help myself.


  1. I think you may need a mentor or something, but alas... I've yet to meet anyone capable of giving up the Bookwormishness.

    Even with the library! I just wind up paying fines *blushes*

    I love books. I love having books. I love reading books. I love talking about books.

    Just, uh, well, let's agree to not really discuss e-readers and The Kindle just yet, ok?


    What are we reading next?!?!

  2. ps - your sidebar? Wicked cool idea!

  3. Wicked Cool sidebar, yeah? I can't take credit for the idea though...I saw a similar set up over at Fine as Frog's Hair and used it as my own. :p

  4. Why, thanks! sorry to hear about your fire pit fiasco... some people have such short fuses.