*Heavy sigh*  I've started a new regimen with my meds...reducing the anti-anxiety and adding an antidepressant.  It has made me cranky. No wonder...I'm messing with my brain chemistry...but although I'm starting to feel better, and it looks like this will be a good change on my part...the process of adjusting...not so fun. Today I was wicked cranky. Wicked. Cranky. Irritable if you will. Did not want to go to the gym. Did not want to go find jeans for Montana. Did not want.  But Did.  Last week? Afternoons were horror stories. tired, sad, and nauseous.  I'm so NOT enjoying the nausea.  And the um....bowel issues. Not enjoying that either. Headaches? Check. Body and Joint Aches. check. I've had 'em all people and I'm tired of it.

At least the feeling better is now a more significant part of the day than the feeling crappy.

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