There comes a point in every coaches life...

When they have to take responsibilty for their team.

It's the GC's last season as a ball player. She's playing this year after years of injuries, current injuries (currently playing with a Fractured Vertebrae, broken nose), but not alot of PT.

Here's the thing, The team is 2 and 13? 14? 15? They might even be 3 in the win column at the end of today's game. The thing is this team is super deep. Super. Deep. And the coaches just can't get these young women to play to their potential, much less above. They show no emotion, they don't coach well at all. They still don't have a set starting line up, much less a set rotation. It's hard for players to not know what is going to happen next. at one point there were 5 freshman on the court...yet we were still in the game with 8 minutes left and only behind by 8. WTF? In another game, we had a foul to give, and a 27% free throw shooter on the other team. 2m 9s left in the second half and you're only down by 8, you have 3 killer 3 point shooters on your team and you DON'T play hack a shaq? Stop the clock, make them work for their points, and get the ball into your players hands. You're down by 3, less than a minute left and you don't foul? 3 different games, 3 losses, and the coaches don't learn. AND they blame the players. But I blame the coaches. Specifically, the head coach. She just doesn't know how to manage a staff and a team. And she doesn't know when to take the heat when it's hers.

Our Head Coach is a really nice person. Just a terrible head coach.It's the Peter Principle at work...everyone is promoted to their own level of imcompetency.

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