So today I skipped boot camp.
I woke up with a migraine.
Took like 10,000 advil and went back to bed with a pillow over my head.
Woke up 3 hours later feeling...functional.
Feed the Beast.
I always feel better at this point if I put some protein in my body.
Mmmmm Eggs...
So downstairs I go.
I need to point out here that I'm leaving for Las Vegas Thursday AM for March Madness.
So. I have very little food in my fridge.
I find Canadian Bacon (Oh NO! it expires tomorrow...and it's a fresh package...I HATE throwing food away!) Low Fat Mexican Blend Cheese, and 5 eggs. Perfect I'll use 3 save 2( You KNOW I'm making some for the pups)
Thems the makings of a good scramble.
Canadian Bacon...chopped up warming in pan.

Next: the eggs. In goes egg 1. Then, I notice the next one looks off color. Easy to see because I use organic brown eggs. Whatever I think to myself. In it goes.
The yolk looks kinda weird.
It has an off color bump in the middle...a very deep gold bump.
In goes the next egg, normal.
Now my brain goes into action.
"What the hell was that bump? Did a fertilized egg accidently get in to my carton? Ewwwwww...No, no it's fine. What if it's poisoned or something? What if you get sick from it, you can't afford to get sick you're going to Vegas!"
Mind you, this whole time I'm stirring and cooking. Cooking. High Heat. Kills just about everything.
I convinced myself they were evil eggs and threw them out. didn't even let the dogs eat them.
And started fresh, with my last 2 eggs.

On the upside?

I used up the Canadian Bacon that was going to expire tomorrow.


  1. I know what you mean. in all reality, the egg was probably just fine (maybe even exceptionally good!), but would it be worth getting all sick over? no. hope your head is feeling better.

  2. ROFLMAO......I've done that before....cause there is nothing worse than guessing wrong and getting sick....

    Besides 2 eggs is plenty of cholesterol for you AND the dogs.....

  3. AHHH! TAINTED EGG!!!!!!

    I would've done the same. The very, very same thing.

    Yeeesh. Bonus on the Canadian Bacon and I'm glad you banished the migraine. *HUGS*