I am super tired.
But I'm home.
For the time being anyway.

Vegas was a blast.
I also learned (to add to the previous list):
There is something about Vegas that causes grown women of a certain age...AND OLDER to want to dress like hookers. Oh honeys...who told you that showing your crotch was sexy...you're at least 90 for god's sake.
The hookers dress nicer than the rich old ladies.
The men don't even try to hide the hookers.

The Blue Man Group is awesome. I caught a marshmallow during the show, and was able to purchase the original spin art created during the show. Then the band and the blue men signed it for me. (Well, the blue men don't know how to write, so they stamped it with their thumb!)

The Broncos ended the season with only 4 wins, Kimee is already in high gear, that crap ain't gonna fly next season. She is adament that SHE is not going out like that. (She'll be team captain) So next year in Vegas...we better have only 2 games because we got the #1 seed, not because we lost our second game!

Did I mention I'm tired?

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