What The?

Where did the week go?
It's Sunday Already?

What the hell did I do?

I cleaned my downstairs balcony. Rearranged it. Bought new plants. (I know!)
Tried to foil the Franksters love of gardening and feng shui by putting CACTI in the lower reachable places. She ever so gently, with her teeth, removed the least prickly cactus and ate the bottom of it. She is leaving the rest alone though. Maybe to make me think she's behaving? Like "See Mom, I could if I wanted too, but I'm not. I'm a good girl". Seems like something she would do.

I cleaned and rearranged my upstairs balcony.
I will try with some plants up there too. I am going to plant bulbs in an old toilet turned planter. I have always wanted to have a toilet as a plant container. Huh.

Of course, I attended boot camp each and everyday. I was tired each and everyday.

Oh! this week also, Fatty killed a bird. She feels very full of herself now. Looks at the birds everyday. Chitters at them. Stupid bird was in the house, that's how Fatty got it. Not like she hunted it and caught it.

I found 2 birds in my house this week as well. (Living birds. Scared shitless but living.)

Found Sage branches in my house. Apparently Frankee is no longer interested in feng shui, but is embracing Native American ways and wanted to smudge the house to rid it of ...what? I just don't know.

I went to a sex toy party Friday night. 'nuff said.

I ran errands.

I worked on my daughter's afghan. Damn her for being over 6' tall with a 7' tall boyfriend. Do you KNOW how big that damn thing has to be for them to even be able to throw it over their bodies to watch T.V.? And it you want to give them cuddle room? Well, hell, GINORMOUS! That's how big! And the amount of Yarn? I don't even want to discuss that.

Seriously. I did all that stuff. Still don't know where the week went.

(Or the months of February and March. I mean really? April? In like 2 days? When the hell did that happen?)


  1. I, uhm, I dunno where the eyar is going. It's insane. I have no words.

    But you are badass. And I love you.