My mornings generally start out one of two ways.

I get up, let the dog out, throw on some clothes, wash my face, put in my contacts, pull my hair into a ponytail, feed the cat, grab a banana and coffee and take off for boot camp.


I get up, let the dogs out, and then go downstairs to make some breakfast, have some coffee and sit outside.

This morning was the latter.

I sit out on my balcony most mornings, weather permitting. I listen to the birds and watch their antics trying to challenge each other for the bird feeder spots. I get scolded by hummingbirds. My dogs sit with me and share toast. Even my cat has been getting in on the act.

All of the animals have their own 'thing'.

Boomer, the bigger dog, takes her toast, goes inside and puts it on the floor, and then tries to come back out for another piece. She tries to convince me I never gave her one in the first place. She gets her second piece and goes inside, puts it down, eats the first piece, then the second one and comes back out. Now she stays out though, because she knows I'm on to her!

Frankee, my beagle buddy, politely sits on the love seat next to me and oh so frantically rips the toast out of my hand and swallows it. Whole most of the time. And then sits oh so politely waiting for her next piece. It can't come fast enough for Frankee. She's NEVER not hungry.

Fatty, the cat, just comes out, sits on the floor just below Frankee, and meows. I give her a few buttered crumbs, which she turns her nose up at...until Frankee decides to jump down and investigate. Then fatty turns all psycho hissing and spitting and swiping...and eats the crumbs while Frankee jumps back onto the loveseat to await her next piece.

The birds? They fight over the feeders, chirp and squabble, keeping an eye out for fatty, whom they have learned is not a threat unless they are actually ON the balcony. They eat a whole feeder full of seed in less than a day...and then scold me when it's not filled right away! The hummies are very territorial. One hummie is currently protecting 4, yes, 4 feeders. Not letting anyone else in to feed. Strafes the balcony is someone else is trying to feed and then scolds me.

It's quite the active morning, yet so relaxing to start my day this way. It makes me feel ready for the world.