5K and stuff

5K- I completed it. I didn't run at all...I kinda got roped into walking with a woman who approached a couple gals in our group because they looked friendly. And she stayed with us. But. We finished in under an hour even though we were walking a talking. I tried to keep it faster than a stroll, but every time I got ahead of them, a comment was made. *sigh* next time I keep to myself. (Next Time? *boggle* Um...maybe I like this kind of thing? Ack!)

I'm totally unmotivated where school is concerned. I have to get a project and a paper done in the next 4 weeks. Boo.

I've not really even been doing crafty stuff. I've just...been hormonal and tired=sleeping ALOT.
The menopausal depression is leaking in a little too. BOO!

Today is gorgeous if windy...I have to decide if activating my allergies will be worth spending time outdoors in the wind..I dunno though, I'm already snotty and flemmy and sore throaty. Maybe if the wind dies down the girls and I will go for a walk.


  1. I'd never run one either - but walking I know what you mean...I sort of get in a fast rhythm and am a bit frustrated if I have to take it back down to a stroll - it just doesn't feel comfortable to me.

  2. Ack! I have issues with races, some odd combo of me needing to try my best and me not wanting to hurry at all... *laughs

    I'm so glad you finished tho! Next time (giggles) you'll be AWESOME baby....

    I wish I had an excuse for why I wasn't being crafty. *blushes* ;o)