Random thoughts, or Where my brain is at.

I hope Ms. Em is having a dry, uncomplicated, unpostponed moving day to day. I'm thinking of you girl!

I have to finish writing a paper today. I'd rather be outside, in the gloriousness that is todays weather. Sunny, warm, a hint of a breeze. Things are green, in bloom and won't be for long. Already the hills are turning brown.

I'm contemplating no longer allowing Frankee to help me garden. She enjoys the dirt just a bit to much, drags in the empty plant containers, you know the ones, that have roots and dirt in the bottom because the whole plant didn't come out..yeah those, well she just loves those. Spreads her dirt in the office the hall and my bedroom She has little bits of dirt joy to roll in all over. Then she proceeds to chew the containers into itty bitty sharp pieces that I don't find all of until I step on one, piercing my foot in the middle of the night. She loves it so much though. Maybe I could convince her to dig up one part of the yard so I can start a vegetable garden.

Boot Camp...working hard. We had a time out yesterday and played a game of backwards soccer. You can only use your hands on the field, feet in the goal. Um. I might be a little too competitive. As are some of my fellow campers. Nothing like 2 nearly 50 year old women on the ground fighting over the ball. I'll bet you can guess who one of them was.

So, that's it here on the homestead at this moment.


  1. "Nothing like 2 nearly 50 year old women on the ground fighting over the ball."

    Actually I'm ashamed to say that visual left me a little excited.

  2. ROFLMAO at what Dave said......But the important part is - did you win?

    I'm not sure that it's good for Frankee to be chewing on those containers - not just for you, but for her. Maybe you could change to those biodegradable pots?

    Thanks for the good thoughts by the way - as you know, this whole moving thing is going to be a long process but the worst is over (knock on wood)......I'll be glad when I'm a bit more settled in and can do some gardening myself.....home just doesn't seem "finished" without the flowers and such outside - and like out your way - its the perfect time of year here for that stuff.

  3. Dave!

    Just wanting to know that you are doing fine and keeping busy.

    Go boot camp! You must be lookin' fine about this time.

  4. Frankee may need to visit that crazy gardening guy who used to be on HGTV for gardening hints and tips. ;o)

  5. Jaime, his name is Paul James and the show is "Gardening by the Yard".