What the?

For the second time in as many weeks (maybe 3 weeks actually) I have seen a ridiculous event on the local streets.
The first? A fender bender. Like seriously? I couldn't see any actual damage.


Both men? Out of their cars, fists clenched, up in each others business. I remember thinking to myself..."They're not REALLY gonna throw down" after all...one of the guys was like 65 and smaller than the other guy.
The next day I find out from a friend?
Indeed. They threw down. The younger decked the older, who got up and threw his own punch.
Some dude in a spiffy little sporty car was weaving in slow traffic, cutting people off. Driving like a jerk, yeah, but...
The white truck? didn't like it so much. Sped up, cut off the sports car, who sped up and cut off the truck who sped up...you get the idea. We all came to a stop light when suddenly the sports car cut off the truck who was trying to turn right and came barreling out of his car yelling "You gotta problem with me?" Seriously. The guy had to be at least my age, probably older.

What is WRONG with people these days?

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  1. I blame it on the Bush years. Everyone has gotten a "my group is better than your group" mentality. But I have noticed for a long time that people seem to have much less respect for their fellow human beings. Cars parked in front of stores, blocking the front door. That's my particular pet peeve.

    Every day forces me to lose more and more hope that we will ever survive as a species. We're too self-destructive. JMHO