We had a Boot Camp BBQ at Casa di McSteamy last night. I was out late and so planned on sleeping in. At least until the dogs decided (much too early I might add) that it was time to get up.

Must have Coffee.


Entertainment Weekly Magazine on the Balcony.

Quiet, beautiful morning.

And then?


Yes, you read correctly.

I was being serenaded by bagpipes.

On a Saturday morning.

Not being a bagpipe aficionado, I do not know if the playing was good or bad.
It was however, random .

Nothing I could recognize.

(Although I have to admit, probably the only thing I COULD recognize would be "Amazing Grace")

And the thing is?

Living in a canyon?

The piper could be anywhere.

Up the hill.

Down the hill.

Across the canyon.

Sound bounces around here.

And by the time I actually got out of the house to search out said bagpiper?

They were apparently done for the day.

Things that make you go hmmmm.....

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