Rockin' it in the MT.

As I sit here contemplating this huge move I am planning on undertaking, I find myself more than a bit overwhelmed at times.

And yet, sitting here, I feel at home.

Then I start thinking about finding a job, selling my house in Cali, finding a house here. Moving all my shit.
And I wonder what the hell?

And yet, I also feel like I am moving from everything I know, to everything I love.

The outdoors. Weather.  Small town feel. My cousins are here.

My kids for the time remain in Cali. One in SoCal, one in Norcal.  But they're busy having there own lives. And in today's world...it's just a short plane flight to either place.

People are friendly here, and more polite (for the most part).

The dogs love it here.

It's a place where I can own a bit of land, have a garden and room to throw a ball for Boomer.

I would like enough room to have a couple of llamas. (I know.  It's just something I've always wanted.)

I remind myself that I've given my whole life to others, and now it's my turn.

But it's still overwhelming. :)

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  1. OMG she blogged.......

    Of course it's overwhelming. But like most other things - you break it down into little pieces, one step at a time, and it's not nearly so bad as it seems.

    Too many folks never really find their place in this world and it sounds like you have......congratulations.

    And the llamas sound very cool.....as long as the dogs won't mess with them.