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Here I am, back in SoCal, trying hard not to wish I were in Montana. It was a great trip, and inspite of a rough patch...I'm even more convinced it's time to move there. I was able to identify specifically what was bothering me...it's the actual process of finding the right house.  House hunting...bah! But. I recoginze that after this house sells, I have time to look.  It's not like i'll be homeless. No, I'll be warm and cozy in Doug and Rach's basement...which is more like a little apartment with lots and lots of room and windows. I put up some inexpensive cloth tie up shades while I was there and love it. So. Realizing that helped a whole bunch...I'll have to check, but I think I have 2 years to re-invest my $$$ into a new house...that relieves alot of stress.

On the home front?

This morning, I found the path of the puggle...Frankee knows how to unzip her travel backpack pull out her blankie...and treats. this morning? she unzipped MY overnight bag, pulled out the ziplock baggies of face lotion etc... and the pill pockets for Boomers Benedryl, AND a full canister of treats...and ate the edibles.  She can also get the lid off of the treat canister. Her tummy is distended and she's looking at me all pathetic and not feeling good.  I actually feel kind of bad for her because she really just can't help herself.

Boomer is quietly lying in her favorite chair...missing the snow of yesterday morn.  She loves snow and rolled around in it like there would be no tomorrow...she snuffled it and chomped at it and rolled some more.

Things are good here in Cali. I need to write a paper this week, then start to study for my final final.  The last one.  Next semester I take the comp exam...My advisors give me 3 questions, 1 on human geography, 1 on physical geography and 1 on my specialty (climate change). I write a 20 page paper for each question. I have 6 weeks to do it in. AND? I'll be done with my Masters.  I am SO NOT getting a PhD. SO. NOT.

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