Still Recovering

Ugh...I tried to bring a pic over from facebook with a massive fail on that. Guess I'll have to figure out how to pull them off the droid. (Yes, I have the new droid phone and I love it!)

I'm still recovering from a drive on Sunday that instead of taking 5.5 hours, took 10, most of it (like 7 hours?) from the west side of Vegas. A usually 3.5 hour drive...driving, while I actually like it, wipes me out, yesterday was a day of catching up with my shrinks (yes plural...one for meds, one for talk) and my chiropractor who put my joints back into place.  So today...CRASH! I slept for 3 hours after I spend 3 hours waiting for my truck to be fixed..the lumbar support had broken, and the autolock didn't work. Now, I'm in that oh so foggy state of not really being able to wake up, yet not asleep either.  So I've been catching up on reading blogs :)

I find that for frequent use, I'm not a huge fan of the laptop. Of course that could be because of infrequent use...I have in the past only used it for travel and now with my desktop on life support (it will go to geek squad Friday to see if she can be saved) I am actually grateful for my laptop...but I'm still not a huge fan. I frequently hit the wrong key and end up in a previously unknown cyber land... :)Maybe practice will help.

I've been researching a paper on fog, and it's actually pretty interesting stuff.  Here for your enjoyment...a fog fact: When you breathe out warm air into a cold environment and you see the cloud in front of your face? That is actually, technically... FOG. As is the 'steam' from a hot tub on a cold night, and the clouds you see at a tree canopy after a rain.  Fog. Not just a nuisance anymore.

Frankee is recovering from her treat binge, Boomer is still sad about the snow, and I, well I am just focusing on finishing this semester. Once done we'll move on to Christmas and the house from there. T-4 months till the house needs to be on the market. T-5 months to the big move.

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  1. You can always plug a mouse and keyboard into your laptop. I tend to bounce back and forth depending on if I'm in the mood to sit at a desk or lay in bed. That sounds like a nasty drive for sure - I can understand the need for therapy afterwards (teasing)....and hopefully that little break has got you ready to power through the rest of the semester.