I cannot believe it's November. The 8th I might add. (Ooooo, I know you're on a cruise, but Happy Birthday Em!)

I have been suffering from a technology failure around here.

My computer...she is old, and arthritic, her memory is going and she doesn't always feel like booting up properly. (and yes, I'm backed up on an external drive).

My iPod...she is old and arthritic and my computer doesn't recognize her anymore so she cannot update herself...I've been using her cousin the shuffle...which is unsatisfying...you only get 1 course when you want a buffet to choose from.

My cell phone. Oh my cell phone. She has been on the fritz for a while...it's generally been a crapshoot if you can hear me when I call (of course I can hear you just fine)...and you may or may not get any texts or pics I send you. She has lost her sheen from being manhandled, her screen is scratched, and indeed, I've been due for an upgrade for a few months...

I was trying to hold on till I moved, but the cell phone...she has been replaced. I thought about an iPhone, but I've heard horrible things about ATT not to mention...they have NO coverage in Montana. My longtime provider, Verizon? Coverage everywhere I go. And then...they started promoting their new PDA..the Droid.

I bought one on Friday. With my rebate and upgrade allowance? 99 bucks. And it's super cool. The touch screen is awesome, it has a touch screen and a hardware qwerty keyboard...open apps, which means if you write code you can develop your own software for your phone... and let's not forget the 5 megapixel camera..( You KNOW that was important to me.) More memory than my first digital camera had! AND...it has a mini flash!

S0. 1 part of technology failure taken care of. Sadly, I've talked with my computer and she understands she has to hold out until the move before she retires...(cold winters do not enthuse her). The iPod? Undecided for now. I'll make do with the shuffle. For Now.

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