My trip to Montana was enlightening...I mean...I'm nearly 50 (4 weeks from today) and have done what I thought I was 'supposed' to do. What others thought I 'should' do. That's the simple version.

It's time to do what I WANT to do.

Which means moving to Montana.

I've wanted to live there my whole life.

So in the spring? After my M.A. is completed? The house is going on the market.

And I'm moving.

To Montana.

A state that doesn't have 1,000,000 yet.

We have 15,000,000 in the LA Basin alone.

I see more people in one day on the freeway, than the whole state has.

Life feels less complex there.

One movie theater.

Limited restaurants.

No Mall.



I can't wait.



  1. Well, if that's what you want - then that's what you should have. Personally the lack of amenities would drive me insane. But I've got friends who live there and love it.....so who am I to say you're wrong.

  2. It sounds wonderful to me. When I was younger I watched the movie Jeremiah Johnson and wanted to become a mountain man. Sometimes, after dealing with the public (and some family members) I still have those thoughts.