Yeah, I know. It's been awhile.

I had a rough, rough summer.

Depression, she had her way with me.

But now, I'm feeling better.

The Attitude Adjustment Road Trip of 2009 did me wonders.

Found my Happy Place.

Made some important decisions.

It's not like it's all just going to go away.

PTSD...she is not like that. She is a heinous bitch that will rear her ugly head when you need it the least. When you haven't been taking care of yourself, haven't been eating right, haven't been working out, haven't been managing your stress, and haven't been cautious about your commitments and allowing yourself to get overwhelmed.

Only then does she strike. And she goes for the jugular, everytime.

So I'm learning.

To make things doable.

How to take care of me.

Learning to cope, and learning how not to get overwhelmed.

I'll be looking at having my medication adjusted.

I'll be fighting my battle with carbs for they do evil things to me.

(and my God do I love my carbs. Not so much how they make me feel.)

And I'll be to my regularly scheduled blogging.

That's all for now.

(Except this picture:)

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  1. I'm so glad you are back. My son studied in the Tetons this summer. It looks like you had great weather there.