A house with a view.

Yes, when I bought my house, it had a view. Just not the amazing one I have now...

In that pic? The trees to the left and the right framing the view? Gone.

There was a large, top heavy Eucalyptus tree spoiling my view.  I was not well taken care of, never trimmed, never skinned of its ribbony bark, and was a true fire hazard. (Not to mention the aforementioned view killer). I had many a time fantasized about driving copper spike in it to kill it, but that is something I could never do. (Also, I couldn't figure out a way to be able to silently drive the spikes in and leave no fingerprints...I would not have been able to wear gloves to do the holding and hammering).

Matters were taken out of my hands Saturday night (or Sunday Morning) We had a weekend of heavy, constant rain here in SoCal (ok, heavy by our standards, remember it hasn't rained here in forever ) and the tree, she went over. CRACK at midnight or so...I  knew immediately what happened...but I went outside to see what was going on anyway.  sure enough...I could see the lights on the hill across from me.  Fortunately, other than an old shed, no property was damaged, and nobody was hurt.

Boomer being the ever conscious watchdog that she is, would not go back to bed until she had checked her house, and her kitty, and make sure everything was okay. Good Dog Boomer!

Now? after 3 days of incessant chainsaw noise? they have removed another tree that was leaning precariously, and topped another one. I now have an amazing 180 degree view of hills and snowcapped mountains, the golf course and the park across the way.  Can you say selling point?

On another note, I took my final final on Monday. I feel pretty good about it, and will easily pass the class.  I may even garner an 'A'.  So. Comp exam next. 3 questions, 3 papers, 6 weeks. Feb 8-Mar22. and I will be done.  Fini.

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