"It's a bad obsession, and you're always messin' my mind..."~Axl Rose

I am not OCD, but I definitely have behaviours that lean that way.

I obsess over things large and small like a continuous loop in my head. constant conversations about nothing and everything always at one time looping around and quite often there would be a skip in the loop, and the same thought would play over and over again.

No more.

The meds I'm currently on have helped quiet my mind and have freed me from obsession.

I'm a little freaked out by it.  I am utterly AMAZED at how much I obsessed on things...I had NO idea. None. And being freed from that loop? Freaky.  and wonderful.  I feel...so much different.

I feel like Susan is FINALLY showing through all of the walls and masks and personas that I had put on to mask all of my problems. 

I feel....


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