My life, she is in chaos right now.

You all know I'm moving to Montana, sooner rather than later (as a side note: a buffalo wild wings just opened in Helena. Culture! hahaha)

So I'm trying to get my house ready, write my graduate exam, and get ready for the GC's senior day next weekend. Her last home game. The week after that, her last competitive game at the WCC tournament in Las Vegas.

2 weeks after that my graduate exam is due. I tackled the toughest question first, knowing it would probably take longer than the other 2 (my specialty areas) to write. I was correct in that assessment.

So I have drywall guys and stair guys and my son flooring and dogs running around and a yowling cat begging for food and I'm supposed to be studying. I have no kitchen to speak of.. a microwave, coffee maker and toaster and have been eating out too much. The cabinets will go in shortly (hopefully while I'm gone) more flooring in the living room, bathroom vanities to install, more painting and electrical work.

And then there's that exam that needs to be finished. You know, the graduate degree I'm supposed to be focusing. I go to starbucks, panera, johnny rockets, chipotle...anywhere there is caffeine available and a table to sit at so I can read and take notes.

and the dogs need to be walked and boot camp to go to and dishes to be done and floors to be swept, laundry, sheets, towels, clothes all need to be washed. The cat needs groomed, the dogs are shedding and a door was leaking.

If I give up eating, sleeping and showering, I just might be able to do it all.

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