I have a confession to make.

(There is supposed to be a picture here. Of HRH Bing. On Adeline's blankie. That I made. It pertains to this blog. Of course given my technology issues today, it wouldn't load)

Oy. As confessions go, it's not much of one; I mean really? On the scale of venial sins it's like a -12 or even less. But it's a confession none the less.

I am still making Christmas Presents. And December Birthday Presents.

Indeed, today is February 1st.

I tend to have all these great (at least I think they're great) ideas around September that I am going to 'Make' everyone Christmas Pressies. Blankies here, scarf and hat sets there, place mats, tablecloths, tea towels and reusable grocery bags. Oh yes, I'm going to make them all.

I set up a list of whom I'm going to make for and decide what I'm going to make. I go to the store and purchase the items I will need (and items I don't need but think are pretty) to complete these projects.

It is now October. Mid-term time. Must put off projects to pass class. Must finish Masters. Indeed my priorities are straight.

Mid-terms are over, I get a "B" and vow to do better on the paper and final exam. Back to Christmas pressies. (Note:none are currently started)

But wait! It's my birthday. And now Halloween. Festivities abound. Projects still on Back burner. 8 weeks till Christmas.

November. I vow to manage my time and do my schoolwork and Christmas Projects.

I go to Montana for Thanksgiving. (Apparently Thanksgiving lasts 2 weeks in my world.) I take all my stuff. I make a scarf for myself.

I'm home and It's December.


WTF? How did it get to be December? Amanda's wedding was last weekend and Adeline's first birthday is in one week. I have not started any pressies. (See non-pic above. Imagine Bing on a cute pink and monkey blankie with a matching pillow)

But wait. My final project is due next Monday and a field trip essay is due the following week on final exam night. Remember in October, when I vowed to do better? I have done no reading so far. Must study. Masters. Remember? So All of my Christmas presents remain un-started.

Dec 7. Term paper turned in. It's totally Bomb. I will get and A.

Dec. 8. Decide, since term paper isn't technically due till tomorrow, to edit, add pics, and make it just that much better.

Dec. 9. Turn in Revised Term Paper. A+

Must study for final, no time for projects. (do we see a trend yet?)

Dec 14. Final Exam. 97/100. done.

Dec 15. I have 10 days to finish (well actually start) all my projects.

I go shopping.

To date: Jaime got her scarf/hat set. Adeline got her Blankie/pillow set that was for Christmas and I cheated and sent her books for her birthday which she got...at Christmas time. I am still making her original Birthday Present. Angie has gotten her scarf/hat set.

Which brings me to today February 1, 2010.

I am nearly done with Claire's scarf. She will not be getting a hat. Marie's scarf? It's still yarn in it's original packaging. I have a needlepoint pillow I've started. I have tea towels printed but not a stitch on them. 2 blankets (Adult size) started.

Oh! and you people that I promised to make things for last March? I haven't forgotten about you, and in fact have 1 thing started.

I think I need to hold an intervention with myself.

Or go crochet this damn scarf.

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