It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

That pic is actually from off-roading last fall...which we did again yesterday and it was awesome! Went up to the continental divide :D slipped around on mud and snow and had snow flurries. So cool!

Anyhow, I'm here in Montana and loving it. I have no desire at all to go back to SoCal. This is indeed where I belong.

It was quite an adventure getting here, so I'm going to give you the Sparks Notes Version

We expected to leave socal on a tuesday morning and get home thursday evening with a quick stopover in San Jose to drop some stuff off at the GC's house

We left at 7pm.

Slept in our trucks in an abandoned restaurant parking lot in Kettleman City

Got to San Jose Wednesday morning around 830 and slept.

Left San Jose with Bruce (remember him? I'm dog sitting for a few months) expecting to get to Reno...and got stopped by a snowstorm on Donner Pass.

Thursday morning? Still in SoCal.

Fat Cat has developed and abscess on her cheek and is peeing herself. The move is not going well for her.(this is an important point, pay attention)

We get over the pass and are doing well. Stop in Winnemucca for gas. Fat Cat bursts her abscess. Pulling an exorcist all over the Walmart parking lot.Ewwwww...

Have R here in MT call vet. Fat cat has an appointment Friday afternoon.

Get second wind, make it to Idaho Falls, uneventfully.

Fat Cats abscess refills.

Get home Friday 2:30, a full 24 hours late.

Fat Cat goes to the Vet at 4:30.

Fat Cat has Surgery at 6:30.

Pre-ops also show her kidneys are not functioning properly.

Fat Cat comes home Saturday looking like FrankenKitty. Drainage tube coming out of her neck and stitches.

Ruh Roh...feeling overwhelmed at this point!

Frankee is having accidents all over the house..WTF?

We have an invisible electronic fence, and turns out her collar is to sensitive and is triggering unnecessarily. Solve problem, no more accidents. Good Frankee!

Fat Cat goes back to vet. Stays again for kidney tests. *sigh* I was afraid the stress of the move might be too much for her... she's 14. Tests show she might just have an infection. 2 more weeks of antibiotics. Have you ever tried to give a cat a pill?

Which brings us to today. It is a gorgeous day. Gorgeous. Fatty is feeling better and eating well. Frankee will go outside on her own now. Bruce, all 17 pounds of him, has owned the 140+ pound bloodhounds (yes plural) and is the king of this castle. Boomer just loves it here and Lilly is her new best friend. Brady, the bloodhound wants to be Bruce's best friend and follows him everywhere.

Things are good. :D

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