What my day is like every 12 hours.

This Starbuck, AKA Fatty, or Fat Cat. She remains a special needs kitty. You all read that she got an abscess on the move to Montana. That she had surgery within hours of arriving. That I had to give her pills.


After 3 weeks of antibiotics (okay, 2 weeks and 4 days. She made it clear she has had enough of pills shoved down her throat and I have the scratches to prove it) and 2 retests of her blood and urine (ever try to get a pee sample from a cat? Uh, yeah. Not so fun.) Her abscess is completely healed, but her white count remains high and her kidney function remains not so good. In fact her creatinine levels have increased.


2 more weeks of antibiotics, and a new and improved diet made specially for cats with kidney issues.

Here's how it works:

I get up in the morning to a frantic Bruce licking my face tell me he needs to pee. Badly.

The minute I stir, Fatty begins to tell me it's breakfast time.

Frankee looks at me with disdain. She is not a morning pup.

Boomer moves from the bed to the couch. She is not a morning pup either.

Bruce goes out and does his thing amidst Fatty's caterwauling that she is HUNGRY! (seriously? although she has lost 3 pounds she could stand to lose about 3-4 more. Starving she is not.)

Bruce comes back in and cat breakfast and medication preparation begins.

Boomer and Frankee know that the sound of a can opening = cat food=yummy. All of a sudden they are out of bed and hovering. Bruce is jumping around greeting the girls good morning, and Lilly and Brady, the bloodhounds from upstairs are dancing and baying at the window wanting the kids to come out and play.

I have to:

a) mix 1/4 of the new kidney food with 2/3 of the old food.

b) warm said food in the microwave for 25 seconds.

c) crush 1/4 of a cipro tablet to put in the food

d) mix crushed pill into food, taking care to leave it in the top layer so it actually gets eaten by the cat and not the dogs enjoying the leftovers.

e) put fatty and her food in a separate room with the door closed so Frankee won't come along and literally steal the bowl (yes the entire bowl) of food out from under her.

I do this all with 3 dogs and a cat running around my legs alternating with meowing, chuffing, and chittering to me as well as 2 giant blood hounds pawing at the door baying and wanting to play.

I do this every 12 hours.

For the next 2 weeks.


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