Thursday Thirteen.

Wow. I haven't done Thursday Thirteen in probably 2 years! I think it's time for me to resume with it!!!

So here we go! Wheeeeee!!!!!

Today? 13 Random Things.

1. I feel like I should feel, I dunno, something about moving away from where I lived for 46 years. Other than my missing my friends...nope. Nothin'. I have absolutely no intentions of ever moving back to California. None. I miss....nothing.

2. I am slowly rediscovering many of the things that have always made me love Montana. The weather, the views, green rolling hills, the people. Love. It. All.

3. Gearing up for Graduation. Yes, the GC is graduating from college on June 12. I'm flying in on the 10th, and then we are loading up a u-haul and moving her to Texas.

4. I graduated last Saturday. (Well technically. I felt no need to go back to 'walk'. I did what I set our to do.)

5.After Texas, I come home for about 5 weeks. Then its off to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. for nearly 3 weeks.

6. Our flight to Nairobi includes a layover in Dubai. Yes, Dubai. Gonna see as much as we can in the 15 hours we are there.

7.I'm kinda sad that our layover isn't in Amsterdam as this tour has done in the past. I was Looking forward to a 'brownie". haha

8. Fat Cat is doing better.

9. Bruce loves it here, but I think he's gonna love Texas even more. It doesn't get as cold there. Here? He shivers. A lot!

10. I need to buy a bed. Hoping to find a good sale this weekend.

11. Anybody need a beautiful house in Chino Hills? I've got just the place.

12.Spring fascinates me. When I got here, the trees were bare. Budless (maybe baby buds?) and leafless. Less than a month later? Green and blooming. Unreal. I haven't actually experienced this so dramatically. In SoCal, it rains, everything greens up, and then it dries up and browns. Nothing "spectacular". Spring rocks.

13.About 2 weeks ago I dropped a 5 shelf bookcase on my foot as it collapsed when I tried to move it. 2 nights ago I was moving my suitcase and it fell over onto the same foot and seriously re-bruised a toe and part of the foot. Boo. I guess my favorite color must be purple because of all the bruising I give myself! LOL!

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