EEEKS!!!!! It's already time for another Thursday 13!!!!

This picture has nothing to do with anything...I just like it!

Whoa. So today I was thinking about the fact that I am equally right and left brained. Mostly I was thinking about how they interact with each other...

1. Things are scattered and a new art piece is being developed. Right brain is happy.

2. Left Brain is Unhappy about 1, and continues to harangue about cleaning it up and putting everything in it's place.

3. Left Brain decided that right brain could play, but only if we went outside and walked the dogs first...it's windy but beautiful today.

4. Right Brain is always happy to go outside and play, but not if it means leaving the project we are so excitedly working on.

5. Left Brain is a bitch and won't take no for an answer. We saddle up the dogs.

6. It really is beautiful outside, and right brain takes over enjoying the sun, the wind, the wildflowers. Right brain keeps thinking we need to bring a camera to record all of it.

7. Left Brain reminds right brain that we are walking 3 dogs. Adding a camera into the mix is not prudent.

8. Right brain likes cookies and cake and pie.

9. Left brain likes veggies, grass fed beef, and free range chickens and eggs. right brain agrees with left brain that they should all be organic and local if possible.

10. Left Brain reminds us to go to the farmer's markets on Saturdays to take care of 9 above.

11. Right brains loves the sounds, sights, people and booths at the farmers market. Right brain likes to meander, talk and take it all in.

12. Left brain wants to get in, get out, and get the job done.

13. Yes, it's kinda like a psycho buffet in my brain.

time to go...right brain gets to work on art now!!!!!

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