Thursday, let's see if I can crank out 13 things!

1. Montana is awesome...I completely love it here and am so happy I took the risk and moved!

2. Going to Glacier National Park next week, looking forward to working with my camera and longer lens, and the new little video cam I bought. I want to work the bugs out before I leave for Africa.

3. I leave for Africa in 17 days, I'm super excited! From all reports, the great migration is arriving somewhat early which is good for us as we will see a great deal of it! Additonally we're visiting schools, villages and an elephant orphanage. I'll try to post some links down the road.

4. Sadly, I had to have Fatty put to sleep earlier this week. She had end stage kidney disease, and was just miserable. After exhausting all reasonable solutions, in the end it was just time. She went quietly and peacefully. I am grateful for the time I had with her.

5. Frankee, was at the vet last week as well. She had unspecified 'garbage gut'. She had a severe reaction to something she got into, and was really sick. She spent 4 days in the hospital, came home Sunday morning and is back to her old crafty self...I was incredibly relieved...I told the vet there was no way I could lose 2 in one week.

6. I got turned down for a job without even getting an interview...in water resources..which was my emphasis area for my M.A. WT? Not even an interview. That sucks.

7. Broke the uhaul on the way to Texas...hit a tree. the tree is fine, the uhaul...well I managed to seperate the box from the cab...and drove it that way for 2,000 miles.

8. I did like Texas...except for the humidity. Thought I was gonna melt from the humidity...and apparently it wasn't bad at all while I was there.

9. Started back to the gym...and my first class I took? I had THAT instructor. You know the one, she's there for her, shows off, does things she can do but nobody can get it, AND makes faces at herself in the mirror; like she can't believe how hot she is? Yeah, that one. Disappointing...and she wasn't at all hot...

10.I'm planning on going to the National Folk Festival this weekend. It's being held in Butte for the 3rd year, and then it will move for the next 3 years...Music, dance, food...and admission is free!!!!!

11. Only one person has looked at my house. One. And that was the 1st week I put it on the market. In 2 months, not a single person has looked at my house. Not. A. Single. Soul.

12. I'm struggling to find thirteen things to talk about...I'm generally just sitting here, looking for a job and getting ready for Africa

13. i got nuthin'.

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