Me and two Maasai Warriors

I'm back from East Africa! It was an amazing journey; one which left me feeling profoundly changed about myself, my place in the world, and America's place in other countries. I took literally thousands of pictures, met Samburu and Maasai as well as local Kenyans, talked with them about local politics as well as global (Kenya voted in a new constitution while I was there) and saw amazing things.

I plan on blogging it all over time, but I am currently suffering from serious jet lag...I traveled over 43 hours to get home, it boils down to 5 flights and 4 countries in 2 days. I also need to do alot of choosing and processing of my best pics, I will ultimately post an album or 3 (not sure how I'm going to break it up)

I also need to process what I saw, how I feel and basically the whole trip. I wrote in my journal nearly everyday except while in Zanzibar so I'll be using it to blog my adventure.

In the meantime I'm catching up with all of you...

:) Susan

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