Ch-Ch-C- Changes...

The only real constant in life is change, and boy the times they are a changin.

Billy's wife Des reported for Navy Boot Camp today.  She got bussed to San Diego, will be sworn in and flown to Great Lakes Naval Base for recruit training tomorrow. Once she's done with boot, she will report to Virginia for her job training. Billy will move out to Virginia in September. I'm guessing I'll be visiting the East Coast more often.

Kimee leaves Texas on Thursday.  I can't believe a year has gone by.  She gets back to San Jose on Monday the 4th, meets with a man about a (coaching!) job on Tuesday the 5th, and immediately goes to the airport where she will leave for 7 weeks in Europe with her BFFL and her backpack.

She comes home in August and starts grad school at Holy Names University the next day. (Well, orientation is the next day. Her classes start 6 days later).

I have taken the position of Executive Director for Headwaters Cooperative Recycling, as well as my County job. Working 50 hour weeks, but liking both jobs.

My house has been on the market for over a year with no offers.  Not one.  Thinking about renting it out for a few years till things get better.

I'm only doing okay with all the change.  But that's okay.


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  1. OMG she's blogging....I am so sorry that your house isn't selling....If you can rent it to cover expenses - might be the best alternative -at least you'll have the mortgage monkey off your back. Good that DIL is off to the Navy though I'm sorry its going to be so far from you. Know that I'm less than 4 hours from Norfolk -and my house is always your house....
    I'd love to see Kimmee get a coaching job - she'd certainly be good at it...and I've no doubt she'll have a marvelous time in Europe that lucky girl.

    Oh, and I miss you....