An Open Letter to all those who will be seeking political office in the next 16 months.

Dear Potential Candidates,

With the next Presidential Election looming a mere 16 months away, I have a favor to ask.

Can't we all just get along?

Before you throw your hat into the ring, ask yourself "Why do I want to be fill in the blank?

And if your answer is anything less than "I want to serve my country"? Do us all a favor.  Don't run.  Don't seek office. Don't be a partisan talking head.

But if your answer is "I want to make my country a better place and represent the people who elected me"? By all means, throw your hat into the ring.

And should you decide to enter the campaign, I have a few requests:

People vote, not corporations.  I would appreciate it if you would not take contributions from ANY lobbying group, PAC or individual that is 'currying your favor'.  I don't care if it's the tobacco companys (which I loathe)  or the Sierra Club (which I love).  I want you to represent me, not an entity that can't vote. 

I would appreciate it if you would run a clean campaign.  I don't want to hear what you think is wrong with the Democrats, Republicans, Independents; I don't care if you're state is red, blue or purple.  I care about facts. I don't want to hear about how liberal, conservative, or whacked your opponent is.  I want to hear about how your ideas can improve our Country.  I want honesty and integrity.  I want character.

And should you convince me you are the best candidate for the job? Should you convince me to vote for you?

I have one more thing to ask.

When you take the oath of office, you are promising to represent me. So have the cojones to do the right thing; not just toe the party line.

Really? I don't think this is too much to ask.



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  1. I'm afraid it is too much to ask......our politicians are catering to those who make their decision to vote based on catchy soundbites and fancy ads.